Carisma CRR ECM

Carisma CRR ECM

The Carisma CRR-ECM fan coils combine a beautiful design with performance in terms of sound level and energy consumption particularly interesting.

Carisma CRR-ECM is proposed in the MV wall version and in built-in IV version; the MV version have restrained dimensions (only 183 mm deep) with a modern aesthetic that integrates very well with the furnishing of any

ambient, maintaining excellent performance in terms of noise and consumption.

The ECM series makes use of the exceptional experience gained with the fan coils with inverter board in production since 2009, which have been very successful in all the markets they have been proposed.

The innovative brushless synchronous electronic motor (without brushes) and sensorless (without sensors) with permanent magnets is controlled by inverter board, designed and developed in Italy. The board is installed directly on the unit, in

proximity of the engine, without need to be cooled with additional air flow.