Crystall Carisma

Crystall Carisma

Each model and version of the Sabiana Carisma fan coils is available, exclusively, with the patented Crystall electrostatic filter. This is an active electronic plate filter. 
The CRYSTALL SABIANA electrostatic filter matches the need for better air conditioning with the concepts of space and design. With this filter the various stages of air treatment are combined in one appliance. Thanks to this new patented filter, air pollutants such as cigarette smoke, dust, pollen and most biological organisms are eliminated. In addition, as fresh air is not being introduced to obtain the best climatic conditions, there are consequential energy savings. 
Purifying the air with the Sabiana Crystall appliance also entails no reduction of living room space, as the dimensions of the fan convector are practically unchanged (just 10 cm higher). 
The positioning of the electronic filter allows simple and effective maintenance and, as it is easy to wash, its working life is practically unlimited. 
The modularity of the filter components and their ease of mounting make the system extremely competitive in terms of cost compared with other types of filters present on the market. In spring and autumn, if environmental air conditioning/heating is not required, the appliance acts simply as an air purifier. 
All electrical connections are made during production. The installation of the FuturaSabiana fan coil incorporating the Crystall electronic filter is therefore similar to that of a normal fan coil; the only difference is the installation height, for which the filter dimensions must taken into account. 
The Crystall electronic filtering system consists of two parts: the first is a plate type electronic active filter and is fitted in the suction section of the fan coil, while the second is an electronic control and regulation board. 
Active plate type electronic filter 
The filtering element consists of two sections: the first consists of electrodes and insulating elements, forming a self-supporting ionising frame, while the second consists of special reliable steel profiles (collector). The two sections are installed in an extractable drawer mounted on lateral telescopic guides to make the extraction and maintenance of the filter easier. The extraction of the drawer actuates a safety microswitch that cuts off the voltage supply to the electrodes. The collector can be cleaned by washing with water and ordinary detergents or steam jets (please consult the maintenance manual for further details). 
Electronics board 
Controls and regulates all functions of the electronic filter. It is appropriately protected against any operating defects of the electronic filter. It supplies a constant voltage to the electrodes when the mains supply voltage varies (± 15%). The supply transformer is constructed with its primary and secondary coils physically separated and wound onto separate cores. The energy consumption depends on the size of the fan convector on which the filter is mounted, with a maximum value of about 0.02 kW. 
Crystall Duct System

Crystall Duct System

The Crystall Duct System is an innovative filtering system to be fitted on air outlets or inside ducting. It is made up of three main elements: 
a) patented electronic plate filter ("Femec") b) electronic control and power board c) high voltage flexible connection cable 
The system has been designed to reduce the spread, indoors, of various types of pollutants found in the ducting of air-conditioning systems. As a result, it is ideal for various types of environments, such as schools, hospitals and rest homes (corridors, waiting rooms, wards), doctors’ surgeries, hotels and anywhere indoor air quality needs to be improved. 
There are many reasons why pollutants can be found in ducts. The main one is the lack of cleaning and maintenance of the ducts, together with other factors such as incorrect equilibrium and/or pressurisation, the circulation of air between different rooms when the system is off, the lack of suitable filters or the air being bypassed around the filtering cells inside the air handling unit, the lack of attention paid when replacing the filters, the presence of favourable conditions in terms of temperature and humidity for the proliferation of bacterial organisms, etc. 
While pollution in ducts can be reduced through periodical maintenance, in reality this is rarely done due to the considerable costs, the difficulty in accessing the systems or the impossibility of shutting down the system for an extended period. 
One possible alternative solution that significantly reduces the health risks and drastically cuts the costs of maintenance on ducts involves the installation of active electrostatic filters immediately before the air is introduced into the room. 
Electronic filters are known to be very effective in trapping particles, fibres, biological substances, etc., even when these are very small in diameter (less than 1 micron), while only causing a moderate pressure drop in the passing air, both initially (when the filter is clean) and over time, that is, when there is dirt on the surfaces. 
The bactericide action of electronic filters prevents the proliferation of biological substances (bacteria, mould, yeast, etc.) on the surfaces of the transiting dust, even if these are not trapped by the filter (other "mechanical" filtering systems may, on the other hand, represent a support that is favourable to the proliferation of biological substances). 
The Crystall Duct System is consequently an effective, reliable and simple product. Furthermore, it has extremely low maintenance costs: it never needs replacing and can be washed and sanitised using ordinary detergents, without any decline in efficiency or product life. 
The dimensions are perfectly adaptable to the most common and standard shapes of the outlets and diffusers currently available on the market. 
The filtering units can also be installed on existing systems, without having to significantly change the characteristics of the system. 
The filtering units can also be installed on existing systems, without having to significantly change the characteristics of the system. The electronic filtering units always have a slight additional pressure drop over normal outlets, which must be taken into consideration by the designer and the installer. 
Two types of system solutions are available: a) filtering unit combined with outlets and/or diffusers (electronic terminal filter) b) filtering unit installed in a section of ducting (duct-mounted electronic filter) 
A series of electronic terminal filters can be powered and controlled by just one electronic control unit, located as desired by the installer. The filters are connected together by a simple electrical connection. 
When the filters become saturated by pollutants or if there is a malfunction in one of the filters, a signal is sent by the control unit (on/off), which can be connected to a light and/or audible device, as preferred by the user. 
Electrical safety is ensured by special protection features on each filtering unit, which prevent accidental contact with live parts if the filter is removed without first disconnecting the power supply.
The electronic filter is removed for periodical cleaning at scheduled intervals, which vary according to the type and the age of the installation. In addition, the maintenance operations do not require the installation to be shutdown if a set of spare filters is used (in practice, a set of special low-cost extruded aluminium sections). 
Advantages of the Crystall Duct System 
Installation possible on existing systems Low impact on the thermal and aeraulic equilibrium of the installation Reduced pressure drop even when the filter is dirty Significant bactericide action on biological pollutants No cost for replacing the (the filters are totally regenerable by simply washing them) Very low additional energy costs Simple and fast maintenance No system downtime for the maintenance of the filtering units Remote power supply that can power multiple filtering units at the same time 
Tests and certification 
The Crystall Duct System has been the subject of numerous trials and efficiency and effectiveness tests to assess the functions and performance of the systems in real conditions. 
The University of Ancona carried out over 180 laboratory tests on microbiological substances (total airborne microbiological load), including bacteria, mould, fungi, etc., which confirmed, through the statistical analysis of the data taken from the Fischer test, the effectiveness of the Crystall electronic filter in reducing the bacterial load. 
Other tests have been carried out in the SABIANA laboratories on the flow-rate, pressure drop, electrical safety and instrumental efficiency of the filtration process on micro-particles by numerically counting the most common particle size categories in various rooms. The particles monitored had the diameters specified by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as being the most harmful to our health (<2.5 micron PM 2.5), with volumetric counts (number/m3) being performed in a common living environment, using a laser particle counter (LPC). 


Sabiana, which has always been active in the field of air quality (IAQ Indoor Air Quality) and has been designing and manufacturing high efficiency electronic filters for almost 30 years and  installed on its fan coils and on many other products which offer, has decided, in this context, to create an air purifier equipped with a certified and patented Crystall 50 electronic filter.

The SkySafe air purifier is applicable in all contexts where is not possible to make an intervention on the existing plant, in order to improve the quality of the air in the environment and to reduce pathogenic substances.