The Titan Air Handling Units are built in accordance with European regulations and directives and they are certified EUROVENT. Titan AHU could be selected according to performance compliant to European Commission Regulation No. 1253/2014 (Ecodesign Directive).

The main defining feature of this new series concerns the special design of the aluminum frame that makes up the structure, aimed at creating perfectly smooth inside walls, without gaps or protrusions, so as to simplify

cleaning and allow access to the components from the side. The basic configuration is made of sandwich, nominal thickness 50 mm, with the outside surface made from pre-painted galvanized steel and the inside surface of galvanized steel, with high density polyurethane foam thermal insulation in between, making the unit suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.The variants of the basic configuration include stainless steel or Peraluman inside panels, Peraluman outside panels and mineral wool insulation so as to guarantee maximum safety in the event of fires (no toxic gases are released), with effective sound absorption. The constructional versatility and the wide range of components allow technical and dimensional solutions that can respond to any need. The systems are available as packaged units or a series of modular components, in a horizontal arrangement, with two overlying levels, or in a vertical arrangement. The structure of the base, made from thick galvanized plate section bars, guarantees maximum stability and uniform weight distribution. Centrifugal fans are normally used in all versions: forward curved, backward inclined or plug fans. All the electric motors can also be inverter-driven.

The heat exchange coil can be built to handle different heat carrier fluids, such as: hot, superheated or chilled water, steam, ethylene glycol mixes, halogenated refrigerants, etc., or alternatively can be electrically powered. The air filters, the heat recovery units, the humidification systems and all the other components are selected or developed based on the latest technology. The extensive range of performance, the vast availability of components and accessories, the multiple constructional variants featured for both the standard and custom configurations, and the high quality of the materials used make this series of units, in terms of value-for-money, some of the most reasonably priced and appealing on the market.

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