Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel / Canaries Hotel is part of Hard Rock Hotel, the prestigious hotel chain of the HARD ROCK CAFÉ group, founded in 1971 in London to launch a number of theme restaurants: the Café, precisely. The brand has become famous throughout the world thanks to the wide spread of its Cafes, which today are around 143 in 42 countries around the world.

On the wave of the HARD ROCK CAFÉ, the Hard Rock Hotels have filled the globe with unmistakable hotels that promise more than a place to stay, carrying around the world the culture and charisma of the HARD ROCK CAFÉ with a 'Energy and a story that is not found in any other hotel chain. Hard Rock Hotels are a place that goes beyond reality, and every single hotel resort takes the spirit of the place fused with the musical background that the band's history guarantees.

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