Tower Headquarter Unipol Milan

Imagine yourself in the pulsating heart of Milan, in the Porta Nuova area, where the city's energy intertwines with innovation and the avant-garde. Here, in this effervescent hub of life, the new headquarters of the Unipol Group majestically rises. This magnificent structure, located at the intersection of Via Melchiorre Gioia and Via Castiglioni, challenges the skies with its imposing presence.

Like a precious gem nestled in the heart of the metropolis, the building soars upwards for 23 floors, while its 3 underground floors extend thin as roots in the Milanese subsoil. The entire structure, with its total surface area of 31,000 square meters, reveals itself as a true architectural masterpiece.

But the real protagonist of the story is the building's unique shape. Imagine an elliptical figure, a fluid and harmonious shape that reflects the essence of the city: contemporary and yet rooted in its traditions. This ingenious choice, the fruit of the creative talent of architect Mario Cucinella, allows the tower to integrate and embrace the surrounding environment, despite being heavily urbanized.

In the whirlwind of urban hustle and bustle, the Unipol tower emerges as a love song to the city, a hymn to its beauty and its eternal ability to evolve and innovate, while respecting and honoring its invaluable heritage. In this song, we can perceive the emotion of Milan, its passion, its indomitable spirit.

For this project, Sabiana Spa supplied the Carisma Floor CFP-ECM 4T 175-350 models of 3 different lengths, respectively:

  • 250 units of 1000 length,
  • 751 units of 1200 length,
  • 80 units of 1400 length, for a total of 1081 devices, plus several empty channels needed as connections to complete the installation.

All the machines and channels are special in terms of the profile of the casing, as they had to follow the profile of the building.