Immerse yourself in the future of comfort

Innovation and technological leadership have been in our DNA for 90 years. Initially, we set ourselves the goal of absolute comfort in all the settings we live in. This has now turned into reality: we have created the future of comfort in industrial, commercial and residential settings. The enveloping warmth, the refreshing freshness, the quality of the air we breathe are the guarantee of our brand and our products. We were great visionaries when we started out and we still are, always a step ahead in the search for technological, aesthetic and, above all, functional perfection. In a nutshell: absolute well-being has only one name, Sabiana, your climate partner. From the last event two years ago, we devoted great dedication, expertise and experience to achieve a new goal: Comfort all around you, from warmth to cold and clear air. We are pleased and proud to present you products that are a step ahead, products that can change the definition of standards for the word ‘comfort’. The new Duck Strip 4.1 radiant panel, the cutting-edge product in the radiant panel sector, the new SkyStar Jumbo cassette, the ceiling fan coil that has radically changed the concept of space, time and functionality,the Energy Smart heat recovery unit, a key ally for a healthy and comfortable home, the highly versatile Energy Genius heat pump that can be combined with Sabiana hydronic terminals and the new Carisma Floor trench convector, a combination of high-end design and innovative technical solutions.

DUCK STRIP 4.1 – The evolution of tradition

Sabiana has been designing, manufacturing and selling throughout the world – since 1971 – hot water or superheated radiant panels, the radiant heating system that guarantees the best possible comfort for people. With its high thermal performance, high energy efficiency, almost non-existent maintenance costs and long service life, this solution has proved to be the best for industrial heating. The Duck Strip 4.1 radiant panels are the highest evolution of the radiant ceiling heating system. Manufactured in compliance with current European EN 14037 regulations, they are available in two versions: nine models with 18mm diameter pipes and with 75 or 100mm pitches and nine models with 28mm diameter pipes and a 150mm pitch;up to 6m in length in a single element, with panels with insulating features already installed upon request and a wide selection of colours and variants (perforated, with lights, raised manifolds). To learn about the many other features and innovative solutions of the new Duck Strip 4.1 panels, come and see us at our stand, G31 E40 – hall 22.

SKYSTAR JUMBO – We think big

With SkyStar Jumbo, impossible becomes a new standard: functionality with an innovative and appealing design that meets high performance suitable for large environments. Result of accurate and meticulous technical research, SkyStar Jumbo is available in 2 versions and features great control and adjustment flexibility, and easy maintenance. A leading-edge product in terms of performance and quiet operation, with an interesting price/performance ratio. The inlet grid and ventilation features a fine and innovative design that guarantees an excellent aeraulic performance, along with the option of customising the product with the colours available on request. In line with our manufacturing practice, we have taken care of every detail, including the air ventilation fins that can be adjusted with the remote control or with the T-MB wall-mounted control.


Designed for large glass surfaces, the floor trench convector Carisma Floor for heating, cooling and ventilation, guarantees optimal comfort levels. With its refined design, extremely quiet operation, flexible lengths and low energy consumption EC motor, it is a perfect solution for those looking for an effective and compact product. Carisma Floor is available in 7 lengths, 2 heights, and 2 widths, both in the 2-pipe and in the 4-pipe version and, upon request, in all lengths multiple of 50 mm between 1000 and 3000 mm.


Energy Smart is the Sabiana range of high efficiency ventilation units with heat recovery, designed specifically for residential applications. A controlled mechanical ventilation system that ensures correct air exchange, with maximum respect for energy efficiency. Thanks to the principle of heat recovery, the outgoing air exchanges its heat with the incoming air, thereby reducing consumption for heating and cooling. The units in the Energy Smart range are designed for vertical installation, wall or floor mounted, or for horizontal installation on the ceiling. It is also available in two versions: standard (4 models) and Pro (5 models). The models of the Energy Smart Standard range are energy class A, whereas those in the Energy Smart Pro range are class A+ and Passivhaus certified.


Great news at Sabiana. Energy Genius, the reversible heat pumps, designed for residential and commercial applications. Air-water units, they incorporate the latest technological innovations: DC inverter compressors, variable speed fans with low noise levels and microprocessor control. They are suitable for air-conditioning, cooling and domestic hot water production. Energy Genius heat pumps have excellent energy efficiency levels and can be used in conjunction with the wide range of hydronic terminals by Sabiana. Thanks to the built-in hydronic module, installation is fast and simple. Energy Genius is available in 5 models, which can be connected in cascade up to a maximum of four units of the same model.