For more than 50 years SABIANA has been designing, building and selling the best system in the world to heat industrial, retail and sports premises using one of the most natural forms of heat transmission – radiation – and using man’s best friend as the primary fluid: water.

Tens of thousands of completed installations confirm the exceptional indoor comfort obtained by using this system.

The new Sabiana Duck Strip 4.1 radiant panel embodies the ultimate evolution in radiant ceiling heating systems.


Every single room to be heated has its own needs and requirements, which differ significantly.

Climate factors, construction features of the buildings, internal heat distribution requirements mean that every project must be carefully examined to find the most suitable engineering solution able to meet all needs.

No other system can combine energy saving with indoor comfort better than radiant panels, guaranteeing, unlike floor radiant panels, optimal indoor temperature regulation when the outdoor weather conditions change and preserving the value of the property over time, even if its intended use is changed.


The Duck Strip 4.1 radiant panels, thanks to the wide range of models available, provide heat noiselessly, without moving any air or dust, and the temperature can either be set to remain constant or differ to suit individual production needs, with outstanding design flexibility.

In large premises where air replacement is required due to production processes, the perfect solution can be found by combining the radiant system with suitable make-up air devices, chosen from the wide range of air heaters or air handling units available from Sabiana. 

Safety is fundamental in all systems: the only moving part is the water distribution pump, no electric motor is running, no fire hazard. 


The use of radiation as a heating system means that the radiant panels can also be installed very high up (up to 40 m) thanks to the extremely low stratification of hot air (a well-designed system limits the temperature change to 0.1°C per m of height). If the radiant panels are installed lower than 10 m, the water can be heated either with condensing boilers or with heat pumps, a solution that is now very widespread in many European countries and is now becoming popular in Italy as well.


Designed in compliance with the current European standard EN 14037, they are manufactured according to the National Industry 4.0 Plan, with industrial automation that integrates new production technologies that optimise working conditions, minimise energy consumption while increasing quality and precision in manufacturing the product.

The use of high quality, extremely thick sheet steel, machined in a single piece up to 6 m long and up to 1.5 m wide, the epoxy-polyester powder coating furnace-baked at 180°C, the new joint covers in a single piece up to 0.9 m wide, all significantly improve the appearance, besides assuring a higher thermal yield, size being equal, compared to the previous series. 18 models with pipes of two different diameters, 18 and 28 mm, ensure the most suitable model can be found for every need and make the series the most comprehensive on the market.   

New accessories, including a sliding hanging bracket, a new raised side profile for easy positioning of the insulating pad and the new packaging system, with the panels arranged on pallets ready for installation, help speed up installation thereby reducing costs considerably.

For installations at a low height, some models in the 28 mm series can be supplied with perforated panels able to dampen any noise in the environment.