Sabiana presents Plenum

For Fan Coils.

Now, more than ever, along with comfort in terms of temperature and humidity, two other essential features are taken into account for an air-conditioning system: the noise level and the healthiness of the air circulated in the room.
Sabiana, which has strongly focused on these aspects, is launching for the first time on the market a silencer plenum for fan coils that makes it possible to reach unheard-of sound emission levels in air-conditioning systems.


In some types of room, typically where people sleep, there is a greater attention on the sound level of fan coils compared to its thermal and energy performance. Modern fans of non-ducted and ducted fan coils with average head values now have very low sound emission levels, but for medium- and large-sized units one needs to consider a possible soundproofing system to avoid affecting sleep at night.

The solution

Sabiana has designed a compact plenum (just 50 cm wide) to be installed on the fan coil outlet, featuring a fully protected glass wool lining that guarantees considerably lower sound levels and a minimal pressure drop.
Sound levels can be reduced to 14 dB(A) at a frequency of 1,000 Hz with a pressure drop at average flow rates of 5 Pa.
The plenum is currently available both for CRC series fan coils and for CRSO ones, in asynchronous motor and inverter version, as shown in the respective catalogues.


In hotels, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and residential settings sound levels are the first feature that defines the quality of an air-conditioning system: the Sabiana silencer plenum can be the right solution even for the most demanding customers.