Carisma  CRSL / CRSL-ECM - Ducted

Carisma CRSL / CRSL-ECM - Ducted

The innovative brushless and sensorless type synchronous electronic motor with permanent magnets, is controlled by an inverter board designed and developed in Italy. The board is mounted on the unit, closed to the motor, without the need to be cooled down by the air flow. 
The air flow rate can be varied in continuous by means of a 1-10 V signal generated by Sabiana controls or by independent control systems. The continuous air flow control improves the acoustic comfort and allows a more punctual reply to the variation of the thermal loads and a greater stability of the requested ambient temperature. 
The extreme efficiency, also at low speed, makes possible a great reduction in electric consumption (less than 50% in comparison to CRS range motor) with absorption values under normal operating conditions that do not exceed 50 Watt 
The full compliance with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and with the other severe Standards in force is certified by an independent institute. 
The CRSL-ECM series with centrifugal fans comes in 3 sizes (from 350 to 1450 m3/h), each equipped with 3 or 4 row coil and with the possibility to add a 1 row coil for 4 pipe systems (2 rows on demand). 
It is perfect to meet all air-conditioning requirements of work environments like offices, shops, restaurants and hotel rooms featuring ducted installations with available pressure up to 80 Pa.