Balancing valves

how to grant to every system the right paylow

The Sabiana solution:

    To ensure the correct water flow to each fan coil unit in any operating condition of a variable water flow system, Sabiana has designed automatic flow balancing valves: these are two-way valves with an integrated flow regulator and a practical knob to easily adjust the desired water flow to feed the hydronic terminal unit.

    The issue:

    Nowadays, variable water flow air-conditioning systems are becoming increasingly popular due to the growing use of inverter pumps and circulators, which ensure significant energy savings and reduce the diameters of the pipes. The difficulty in balancing a system like this hydraulically, especially at partial loads, when the two-way valves close and vary the water flow rates and pressures in the circuits, is a problem that does not guarantee comfort and energy savings. These objectives can only be achieved by balancing the system perfectly.