Corporate Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is a fundamental asset of our business.

For effective and lasting growth, development must always take place in harmony with the environment. This is why we produce systems with consumption and emissions at ever lower levels.
And we invest resources and imagination to reduce our daily environmental impact.
Creating systems that change the climate in the interior of buildings also means thinking about everyone's environment.

Concrete actions

With the three photovoltaic systems installed in the Corbetta and Magenta plants, we self-produce 56% of the electricity needed from renewable sources. We are planning investments to produce even more.

Thanks to the replacement of the neon lamps in the two Magenta sites with LED models, and to the installation of an automatic regulation system of the lamps based on the external brightness, they have been reduced by 21.5% per year in 2021 equal to 104,500 kWh.
We have other projects underway that will allow for further savings.

Thanks to the start-up of the new painting plant at the Corbetta site, which replaced the previous one, in 2021 the annual methane consumption was reduced by 14%, equal to 71,500 cubic meters.

Heating with condensing boilers in all our four sites.
We have installed our electronic filters on the terminal devices of the offices, that allow significant energy savings by having to enter a smaller amount of external air (which must be heated in winter and cooled in summer) to the advantage of the healthiness of the work environment.
In the new Sabiana 4 sites in Corbetta we have installed low energy consumption evaporative coolers to decrease the factory air temperature, which does not require an external refrigeration unit.

Inverter compressed air generation stations in production plants.

Equal to 88%, in offices and factories: metal materials, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood.

We have installed charging stations for electric cars for our customers and suppliers.
We transport products between the two Magenta sites by electric shuttle.

Thanks to the business process digitization program, we are significantly reducing the use of paper for information management.

Social commitment

We have always been linked to our territory of origin.
And our social commitment is aimed in particular at young people and sports people.
We support the project of the public defibrillator network in the city of Corbetta.

Download the document on the environmental policy